Sounds good, but...
I want to get leaner AND stronger...are the programmes for me?

Ah the number one question we get! And the answer is….yes, are programmes are for you.

The nutrition plan structure on our 6 Week & 12 Week programmes are the key to leaning out and getting stronger. When our clients follow the plans consistently they CRUSH it!

I am due to go on holiday, have a work trip, go out at weekends. Should I still sign up?

Will there ever be a time when you have a clear run of doing nothing but training, sleeping and prepping food?

No, exactly.

And nor should there be.

If you are away for more than 2 weeks of the program then we would advise arrange your start date for your return. If you have the odd trip, night out, wedding, weekend away etc then thats fine. We will provide you with the information and structure to manage these situations better. This is what nutrition coaching is all about.

If your plan cannot be followed during these times, it is the wrong plan.

Do I have to track my food everyday?

We do advise you to track your food especially at the start, as it allows you to really understand what and how much your body actual needs.

Often people are shocked by how much of the wrong things they were eating before!

Obviously if you choose not to track your food that is your choice but we have found that those people who do get better and more consistant results and you want that don't you?

I have followed plans before and not really seen results...

We can’t comment on why you haven’t made progress previously. However our plans are built on -

  • Evidence based research blended with real world experience. No wishy washy advice. Just a nutrition plan that if followed WILL allow you to make progress.

  • Simplicity. Yes, it will take a little setting up but the plan is built on making things simple, effective and sustainable. People can overcomplicate nutrition and this leads to either lack of progress in the short term or the inability to stick to it long term.

  • Removing the decision stress. Nutrition should help you reach your goals, lessen the stress we place on our bodies through work and training and support long term health. It should not add to the stress in your life. We have laid everything out for you, provided all the tools and have an incredible community to support your every step.

  • Support. Things never go 100% to plan. Having your coach there to guide you in these times and provide answers to any questions you have allows for you to make sustained progress.

  • Enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy eating the foods we suggest and following the plan then it is not right for you. We have planned it in a way that makes meal and snack times something to look forward to.

Remember progress comes in many forms. The plan will help you to make positives changes in more areas than purely body composition.

We will help YOU to look & feel AMAZING!



Still not sure?

Thats cool. We know there are a million different programs out there.

So if you want to sign up to the one that has ripped guy holding an eBook promising you will lose XX pounds in the first week…..

Then fire away.

Or maybe it’s the skinny chick promising you that her 21 day reset is the way to get results.

Cool….pay them and get her “48 page comprehensive fat loss guide”.

Are you really going to read it?

No didn’t think so.

Let us show you who we are and why we know we can help you achieve your goals. Check out some more of our success stories!

You'll get  nutrition tips to burn fat effectively, and create long-term positive lifestyle habits.

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